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Jarret de Veau, the French Osso Bucco. Also the Cut Used for Many Other French Dishes. - Behind the French Menu.

Jarret, Jarret  de Veau - The shin or shank of beef or veal. Jarret de Veau on a French translated menu  may sometimes be translated as veal knuckle, which it really is not; in any case the cut across the shank bone has inside a marrow bone.

Photograph by courtesy of World to Table.
  Osso Bucco
The cut across from a veal shank, including the bone; this is the cut used for osso bucco in Italy.  French restaurants put ossu bucco on their own menus where it will star under its Italian name, and many other French recipes use the same cut. As ossu bucco whether in Italy, or in France, will be a slowly cooked dish that absorbs all the flavor of the bone marrow.


Photograph by courtesy of Artizone.
The cut for Jarret de Veau.
In the center is the marrow bone which will provide a great deal of the flavor.


   Osso Bucco or Jarret de Veau. - The same dish in different languages. Jarret de Veau  or Osso Bucco is the veal leg bone, cut across; the meat around the bone will be at least 4  –7 cms  inches thick; that measurement does not include the the bone and the bone marrow which is left in. The dish will be braised slowly in vegetables, white wine, olive oil, onions, garlic and a veal stock. 


    In Italian, the name osso bucco just means a bone with a hole, and that all that is left when you are finished

Photograph by courtesy of  Kitchen Butterfly.

A double Jarret de Veau .... rarely seen.

You menu may also offer:


     Jarret de Veau Rôti à la Sauge et aux Girolles –  A roasted cut across the veal shank,  flavored with sage, and  served with  girolle chanterelle mushrooms.



French menus may also offer an Osso Buco d'Agneau, an osso bucco made with a cut from a leg of lamb.


One strange French menu offered all the diners an Osso Bucco de Dinde, a turkey osso bucco! That seems a long way from what the creator, whoever, he or she was, intended. Probably we shall not have to wait long before there is a vegetarian osso bucco as well!

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