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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Abundance of Sauces in French Cuisine. Sauces I.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan Newman


L’Angleterre a deux sauces et trois cents religions; la France au contraire, a deux religions, mais plus de trois cents sauces.

The English have two sauces and three hundred religions, while on the other hand France has two religions and more than three hundred sauces.


        Talleyrand:  Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Prince Benevento (1754- 1838). 


        Talleyrand:  the consummate French politician


    Talleyrand was  France’s first internationally famous politician.  As a Minister Talleyrand served Louis XVI, but quietly supported the revolution even while he continued to serve the king; he also took part in writing the French Declaration of the Rights of Man. Talleyrand was the politician who served all masters, and after the revolution Talleyrand served Napoleon I as Foreign Minister and then, with the return of the monarchy, would serve King Louis XVIII and King Louis-Philippe (Philippe Égalité). 


    Among those he hired to control his kitchen was Antonin, Marie-Antoine Carême, the French chef who would later write done for posterity the laws for the preparation of France's Haute Cuisine. Talleyrand was one of the first politicians to use a finely prepared dinner table with unique dishes and fine wines for political maneuvering.



The Place of Sauces in French Cuisine.


    This short post introduces the place of sauces in French cuisine, and that includes their place in the French culinary psyche.  The French consider a wide variety of sauces, though, today, far less than three hundred, an integral part of its cuisine. The sauces of France, for the French diner are an essential part of good dining.   Future posts will include the sauces that are that integral part of modern French cuisine, even if some of those sauces are two-hundred or more years old.


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Bryan G. Newman


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