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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Paleron – A French cut from the center of a shoulder of beef or veal and occasionally pork

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman

The paleron, a French beef center shoulder fore cut.

 This cut, for beef, is often used for Provencal Daubs and other stews. Within the rules of French cuisine, it comes from the center of the shoulder.  This cut is full of flavor, a well-cooked steak in 90% of all restaurants is exactly that, but a well-cooked stew, when not overspiced allows to you taste the full flavor or the meat. The better restaurants will identify the origins of the beef they offer. Their knowledgeable clientele with return when they see  a named  and highly rated addition to the menu.

There is no exact UK OR USA cut that matches a paleron.

There is lots of confusion with the French and the UK and USA cuts from the shoulder.  Many shoulder cuts make excellent steaks, and the whole shoulder area is often referred to in the UK and USA as chuck or chuck steaks along with quite a number of other names for local cuts,  The paleron is a French center shoulder cut and is rarely used in France for steaks. Now steaks may be prepared from this cut; nevertheless, in France, tradition is tradition, and the paleron is nearly always used for some of France’s best-tasting beef and veal dishes along with the occasional pork dish.

UK fore cuts.

Paleron on French Menus:
Ravioles de Paleron de Bœuf,  Toast de Moelle et Mousseline de Carottes à l’Orange, Émulsion Réglisse – Ravioli stuffed with meat from a daub or another stew served with toast with bone marrow and a moose of carrots flavored with orange and a thick licorice sauce.
Brochettes De Paleron De Bœuf Marinées – Skewers of marinated beef from the paleron.

Cuts from a paleron.

Le Paleron De Bœuf Irlandais Aux Champignons Et Lard Gras, Pressé De Cèleris et Carottes Confites A stew of the paleron from Irish beef prepared with button mushrooms and fatty bacon and served with a jam (confit) made with celery and carrots.
Paleron de Bœuf Servi Avec son Jus, Risotto aux Truffes et Croûtons de Pain – A beef paleron served with its natural cooking juices, a risotto flavored with truffles and accompanied by bread croutons

Paleron de Bœuf à la Crème d’Échalotes
et Risotto aux Topinambours
A braised beef paleron prepared with a cream of shallots
 and a risotto with Jerusalem artichokes.
Paleron de Bœuf Charolais Braise Doucement au Four, Jus au Poivre de Java, Legumes Glaces, Galette de Patate Douce.  Paleron of beef slowly braised in the oven with a natural gravy flavored with the Balinese long pepper and served with glazed vegetables and a sweet potato crepe.

Paleron de Porc aux Légumes de Saison – A paleron cut from a pork shoulder and served with the season’s vegetables.

Salade de paleron de bœuf
Le Paleron De Veau Français Confit À Basse Température Jets De Houblon, Garniture Maraichère – A paleron of French veal confit (slowly cooked) at a low temperature and served with hop shoots and market garden vegetables.

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Behind the French Menu
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