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Persil - Parsley. Parsley in French Cuisine.

Behind the French Menu
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Parsley on sale.
Persil plat or persil de Naples is flat parsley (sometimes it is called Italian Parsley), and persil frise or persil double is curly parsley. Both types of parsley are grown in different strains and both may be added to nearly every form of savory dish; sometimes for flavor, at times for color and often merely for decoration.
Flat Parsley.
Both curly and flat parsley are used for their leaves and stalks and their roots will be flavoring soups.
Curly parsley.
When parsley is on a menu listing only certain chefs will indicate which type is being used; however, when there are dishes that include parsley juice, then the menu listing will often note the use of suc de persil plat, the juice of flat parsley. Flat parsley has a stronger flavor.

Parsley on French Menus:

Crème de Butternut et Jus de Persil Plat – Cream of butternut squash soup flavored with the juice of flat parsley.

Cuisses de Grenouilles à l'Ail Doux et son Persil Frisé Frog’s legs prepared with sweet garlic and curly parsley.
King scallops on a bed of parsley.
Friture d'Encornets, Persil Plat Et Citron – Deep fried small squid, calamari, served with flat parsley and lemon.
Noisettes d'Agneau en Croute d'Herbes, Mousseline de Persil Racine – The center cuts from lamb cutlets cooked inside a covering of herbs and served with a moose of root parsley.

Pavé De Sandre Sur Chiffonade De Fenouil, Crème Persil Plat – A large cut of pike-perch (zander), the fish, served on lightly sautéed fennel and served with a flat parsley cream sauce.
Poêlée de Ris de Veau en Persillade – lightly fried veal sweetbreads served in a persillade. Persillade is a sauce of chopped parsley and garlic; depending on the chef oil, vinegar, and other herbs may be added.   
Escargot Provençal

Where exactly parsley originated
Where exactly parsley originated is somewhat disputed, though it likely originated in Greece as ancient Greek and Roman recipes show parsley was used much like it is used in France today.  Parsley was also part of Greek tradition and found in Greek mythology.

Root parsley

The third type of parsley, a member of the same family, called the Persil de Hambourg or Persil Tubéreux, Root, Garden or Hamburg parsley is grown as a root vegetable in central Europe.  Root parsley has a light parsley taste but is only rarely seen in French recipes.
Graines de Persil Tubéreux - The seeds from root parsley; these are the seeds most often used to make parsley salt.
Root parsely
French homeopathic uses for parsley.
French homeopathic pharmacies are also fond of flat parsley, which is correctly considered a diuretic. Likewise, the chlorophyll found in parsley is thought to help prevent bad breath.
Curly parsley in the languages of France’s neighbors:
(Catalan - julivert arrissat, julivert crespo ), (Dutch - krulpeterselie ),  (German – petersilie, petersil), (Italian – prezzemolo),  (Spanish - perejil, perejil común).
Flat parsley in the languages of France’s neighbors:
(Catalan - julivert comú),(Dutch - peterselie ), (German - Italienische petersilie, glatte petersilie  ), (Italian – prezzemolo, prezzemolo romano, petrosemolo).
Hamburg parsley in the languages of France’s neighbors:
(Dutch - knolpeterselie),(German - Hamburger petersilie, knollenpetersilie, petersilienwurzel ), ( Italian - prezzemolo da radici, prezzemolo tuberoso), (Spanish - perejil hamburgo, perejil tuberoso).
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