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Épeautre et Petit Épeautre – Spelt or Dinkel Wheat and Small Spelt or Einkorn. These Ancient Predecessors of Wheat are Part of French Cuisine.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman
Organic spelt
Spelt wheat in France
Épeautre – Spelt or dinkel wheat is a relatively course, but mild, and slightly nutty flavored ancient member of the wheat family, it is the forerunner of modern wheat. In France, spelt is grown commercially in Provence, and there it may be cooked like a rice dish, prepared as a risotto, served as a vegetable or used to give body to a soup or stew.
Spelt wheat on French menus:
Risotto d’Épeautre, Jus d’Herbes – A risotto made with spelt and flavored with the juices from herbs.
Spelt bread
Noix d'Entrecôte d'Angus, Épeautre Crémeux aux Asperges et Lentin de Chêne, Sauce au Vin –  The center cut from an Angus Beef rib steak (entrecote) served with creamy spelt, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and a wine sauce.
Filet de Rouget de Méditerranée, Juste Saisie, sur Risotto d’Epeautre, Crémeux de Homard Filet of red mullet from the Mediterranean, served exactly when ready, on a spelt risotto prepared with a cream of lobster sauce.

Spaghettis d'Epeautre au Saumon et Scampis – Spelt flour made in into spaghetti and served with salmon and Dublin Bay Prawns.
Wild spelt and poppies.
Spelt in the languages of France’s neighbors:

(Catalan - espelta gran), (Dutch - spelt ), (German – dinkel, spelz), (Italian -  spelta, farro spelta), (Spanish – espelta, trigo espelta).
Petit Épeautre – Small spelt or einkorn.

Small spelt wheat in France.
Small spelt or einkorn is another ancient family member of modern wheat; as its name indicates it is a smaller grain than spelt. Unlike spelt small spelt is a grain  that did not develop any further.  Small Spelt is grown in Provence, in France, and in a few other places in Europe. It may brighten up the menu with a recipe not seen every day and in Belgium, Germany, and Austria there are beers made using both spelt and small spelt.
Cultivated small spelt.
Small spelt wheat on French Menus:
Risotto de Petit Ėpeautre aux Cèpes A risotto made with small spelt and French porcini mushrooms.
Small spelt beer from Austria with 4.75% alcohol.
Ragoût de Petit Épeautre, Châtaignes et Pommes – A stew of small spelt, chestnuts and apples.
Filet de Turbot Rôti au Thym, Risotto de Petit Epeautre et Jus de Viande a l'Huile de Truffe - Filet of turbot, the fish, roasted with thyme and served with a risotto of small spelt flavored with truffle oil.
Wild small spelt.
Filet de Canette, Risotto de Petit Epeautre –  A filet of duckling breast served with a risotto of small spelt.
Small Spelt in the languages of France’s neighbors:

(Catalan - espelta petita), (Dutch - eenkoorn), (German -  einkorn), (Italian - piccolo farro), (Spanish - escand).
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