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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Marlin de la Méditerranée – The Mediterranean Spearfish on French Menus.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman

The Mediterranean Spearfish - The Marlin in France.
Photograph courtesy AL CUSTOM boats

The smaller cousin of the Atlantic Blue Marlin
Marlin, Marlin de la Méditerranée, Poisson-pique  –   The Mediterranean Spearfish or the Mediterranean Shortbill Spearfish.  This fish is a member of the Atlantic blue marlin family and while a blue marlin can reach 5 meters its Mediterranean cousins rarely reach 2.50 meters (8 feet). The measurement is from the end of its spear to the end of its tail. 

The Mediterranean Spearfish.

The Marlin de la Méditerranée or Poisson-pique will be on your menu as a daily special.
French fishermen and women catch smaller fish in nets as bycatch. The fish are found in small groups in the Mediterranean, but most are found off the Italian coast.  The fish caught may be just over one meter in length, spear and all; however, these smaller fish may still weigh in at over 20 kilos less the spear. On French Mediterranean menus, they will be a daily special as they are not caught easily or every day. Its meat is firm and tasty with a color from pink to light brown. The Mediterranean spearfish fish are usually grilled or baked steaks and often served with a sauce but the chefs are always experimenting.
The Mediterranean spearfish on French Menus:
Carpaccio de Marlin aux Agrumes - Carpaccio of Marlin with citrus fruits.

Marlin steak with bananas
Escalope de Marlin Crème de Lardons – An escallop, a filet, of Marlin served with a bacon flavored sauce.
Tartare de Marlin au Couteau – A Marlin tartar prepared with a knife, not ground up in a machine.

Tuna and marlin steaks
Marinating in a teriyaki sauce made of shoyu, manjo mirin, grated garlic, juice of ginger, canola oil.
Rouleaux De Marlin Fumé Et De Wakamé – A roll of smoked marlin served with wakame seaweed.
Steaks De Marlin En Croûte De Sésame - A marlin steak cooked en croute, inside pastry  cover made with sesame wheat flour.
Steak De Marlin Mariné à la Lime et Mi-Cuit  - A Marlin steak marinated in lime and very very lightly cooked.

Marlin Sashimi
The Mediterranean Spearfish in the languages of France’s neighbors:

(Catalan – marli), (Dutch - witte marlijn), (German - mittelmeer-speerfisch, mittelmeer-marlin),  (Spanish - marlin del Mediterráneo), (Italian – aguglia imperiale mediterranea,  agugghia impiriale).  (Latin -  Tetrapturus belone ).

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