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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Escabèche ( Escabeche) on French Menus.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman
Oysters à l'escabèche

Escabèche (à l' ) – A marinated fish and shellfish dish of South American, probably Peruvian, origin, served cold. Most versions of escabèche are made with marinated raw fish or seafood: nevertheless, some recipes call for smoked fish and smoked seafood, and others include meat, fowl, and vegetarian offerings.  Unless the menu indicates otherwise the fish or shellfish offered will have been marinated in wine vinegar; herbs and spices.

Partridge escabèche

Escabèche on French Menus:

Escabèche de Moules Servies en Coquilles, Trait de Vinaigre de Chardonnay Mussels Escabèche served in their shells with a  touch of Chardonnay wine vinegar.

Mussels escabèche

Huîtres (6 Pièces) en Escabèche avec Oignons Caramélisés et Anis. – Six oysters prepared as an escabèche with caramelized onions and aniseed.

L'Escabèche de Rouget Barbet à la Menthe – An escabèche of Red Mullet flavored with mint.

Escabèche of yellowfin tuna,
Aubergine (in the USA the eggplant) caviar, and coriander.

Légumes Croquants en Escabèche au Miel de Châtaignier de Mon Frère et Rafraîchis au Vin Jaune Crunchy vegetables prepared as an escabèche with honey from my brother’s chestnut trees and refreshed with the sweet yellow wine from the Jura.

Wrapped marinated turkey escabèche
Maquereaux de Méditerranée en Escabèche Safranée Craquant de Fenouil et Orange de Provence – Mediterranean mackerel in an escabèche flavored with saffron, crunchy fennel, and oranges from Provence.

Sea bream with Yucatan escabèche marinade

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