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Monday, July 30, 2012

Filet de Veau - The Veal Tenderloin, or the Veal Fillet.

Filet de Veau – The Veal Tenderloin, or the Veal Fillet.
Behind the French Menu
Bryan Newman

 This cut, the veal fillet, when cut from beef is the cut used for fillet steak, fillet mignon, tournedos and Chateaubriands.  The filet de veau is the most expensive and tenderest of all veal cuts but it is not the tastiest; in France cuts from a fillet of veal will be served with a sauce.  Despite that, the texture and a great sauce make a filet de veau a special experience. As with a beef fillet you must never order this cut well done. The French terms for how veal will be cooked are the same as for beef. Look at the post: Ordering a Steak in France, Cooked the Way you Like it.

Your veal fillet may on a French menu as:
    Filet de Veau Poêlé et sa Fondue de Champignons - A fillet of veal lightly fried and served with mushrooms that have been so well cooked so that they are practically a sauce.
   Ris et Filet de Veau au Raifort, Minute de Pousses d’Épinards  -Veal sweetbreads and a fillet of veal flavored with horseradish and served with lightly fried spinach shoots. The sweetbreads used in restaurants are the thymus glands and pancreas of young animals; they are a special treat of very tender and light tasting meat.