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Filet de Veau - The Veal Tenderloin, or Veal Fillet.

Behind the French Menu
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Veal fillet wrapped in Serrano cured ham
with Jerusalem artichokes,  black truffles, and porcini mushrooms.

Filet de Veau is the fillet, the tenderloin; it is the most expensive and tenderest of all veal cuts. However, the fillet is not the tastiest in France and elsewhere cuts from a fillet of veal will be served with a sauce; it’s the texture that makes a filet de veau a so special. As with a beef fillet never order this cut well-done as it has little natural fat and would otherwise quickly dry out; bacon is often wrapped around grilled fillets. The French terms for how veal will be cooked are the same as for beef. 
Veal fillets on French menus:
Filet de Veau Poêlé et sa Fondue de Champignons - A fillet of veal lightly fried and served with button mushrooms that have been so well cooked so that they are practically a sauce.
Ris et Filet de Veau au Raifort, Minute de Pousses d’Épinards  -  A dual serving of veal sweetbreads and veal fillet flavored with horseradish, accompanied by lightly fried spinach shoots. The sweetbreads are very tender and light tasting meat.

Ris et Filet de Veau, Sauce Bearnaise.

Filet de Veau aux Herbes Fraîches Sauce Balsamique – A veal fillet cooked in fresh herbs and a balsamic vinegar sauce.

Filet de Veau de Nos Alpages, Sauce à l'Ail Noir et Échalotes Confites – A filler of veal from the herbs in our high pastures served with a black garlic sauce and a shallot  Confit, a jam. (The term alpage is used for the high pastures anywhere in France and not just near the Alps).

Veal fillet, the tenderloin, wrapped in ham.

Filet de Veau de Lait Grillé, Jus aux  Morillons Légèrement Crémé, Garniture – A grilled fillet of milk-fed veal served with a lightly creamy sauce prepared with the  “half-free morel” mushrooms accompanied by vegetables.  The half-free morel mushroom looks and tastes like the regular morel mushroom, but  with a smaller cap and a longer and edible stem.

The half-free morel mushroom
Filet Mignon De Veau Charolaise, Son Jus Aux Escargots Du Brionnais Et Porto Rouge – A cut from a tenderloin of Charolais veal served with a sauce made from the natural cooking juices and farmed petit gris snails, from the Brionnaise area of the Saône and the Loire in South Burgundy, and a red Port wine sauce. The AOP Charolaise cattle were the third breed to receive an AOC to protect their provenance and unique qualities. The smallest part at the end of the fillet is the French Filet Mignon, the dainty fillet.   Nevertheless, cuts taken from here will, in France, only rarely be called Filet Mignon as the name is mostly associated with pork fillets.

Charolais cattle in the high pastures.


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