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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Salicorne, Perce-pierre, Criste-marine or Haricot de Mer - The Vegetable Salicornia or Samphire in French Cuisine..


Behind the French menu


Bryan G. Newman


Fresh Salicornia

Photograph courtesy of niicow79

Salicornia is not a seaweed.


Salicornia or Samphire is often, mistakenly, called an edible seaweed; it is not.  Salicornia, of which there are many family members, grows in salt marshes and along the coast.  Its shape, not its taste, also gives it another name, sea asparagus.

Salicornia on French menus:

Terrine de Poisson à la Salicorne A fish pate with Saliconia.


Mesclun - Queues d'Écrevisses - Salicornes  - A mixed green salad, freshwater crayfish tails and Salicornia.  A salade mescun should, by tradition, include at least five different salad greens.


Filet de Sandre aux Salicornes, Beurre Blanc – A filet of Zander, Pike-Perch with saliconia served with a Beurre Blanc sauce. 


Fresh tuna with Salicornia.

Photograph courtesy of Gourmandise


Flétan Meunière aux Salicornes Halibut prepared in a meunier sauce, that is lemon juice and parsley added to melted butter. 


 Conchiglie Farcies aux Gambas et Salicornes. Shell shaped pasta stuffed with large shrimp and Salicornia.

Salicornia on marshland.

Photograph courtesy of maxime raynal


Young salicornia plants are gathered from April through July. They will be used in salads, sauces, soups; they may also be pickled and then used as a condiment. Their shape also gives them another name, the asparagus of the sea. However, that name refers to their look, not their taste.


Collecting salicornia

Photograph courtesy of traaf


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