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Glace – Ice-cream. Ice-cream on French Menus. Glacé and Glacée are Desserts That are Frozen, Iced, Chilled or Glazed.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman
Un Cône de Glace - An ice-cream cone.
The French did not invent ice cream nor were they the first to bring ice-cream to Europe; that place is claimed by the Italians.  The first European ice cream recipes arrived in the late 13th century,  by tradition introduced to Italy upon Marco Polo's return from China.  Ice cream became available commercially in France, some four hundred years ago. The oldest café in France still open is Le Procope and Le Procope claims it was the first to bring ice cream to France. This café, now a fine restaurant, was opened in 1686 by an Italian immigrant from Palermo, Sicily, Francesco Procopio.

Outside Le Procope, Paris.
N.B. The word for ice cream glace is pronounced glas and is written without any accents. Glace is also not to be confused with a sauce, called a demi-glace; that is a base for many sauces and nothing to do with ice cream.

Ice cream on French menus:

Bombe au Grand Marnier -  A molded ice-cream dessert flavored with Grand Marnier.  The original bombe was a multi-layered frozen creation made in the shape of a ball, a round bomb, hence the name. Today’s bombes while still frozen may be shaped differently; a bombe should be filled with fruit and served with a sauce and hopefully will explode gently in your mouth, not in your face.
Coupe de Glace 2 boules (or 3 boules) aux choix - A bowl of ice cream with two or three scoops of your choosing.


Glace 2 Boules – Two scoops of  ice cream.
Green Tea and Azuki Ice-Cream
Glace en Boules – Scoops or balls of ice-cream.

Glace 2 Boules
- Two scoops or balls of ice-cream.

Marchand de glace ambulant
A mobile ice cream vendor.

Glace à la Napolitaine - Ice Cream Neapolitan style; ice-cream made with layers of different flavored ice cream.
Glace Nélusko - Coffee ice-cream dessert with a praline center. A dish named after the hero Nélusko in the opera L'Africaine. This opera was the last work created by Giacomo Meyerbeer and written especially for the Paris opera house in 1865.

Go where the ice cream is.
Glaces Alcoolisées -  Ice cream dishes served with liquor. You may be offered a strawberry or other fruit flavored ice-cream made more interesting by adding a flavored eau-de–vie. That will, at least, warm the ice-cream up on the way down!

Un Cône de Glace - An ice-cream cone.

Glacé or Glacée – Iced, chilled, frozen, icy,  glazed
Pronounced glas or glasay.
The words glacé with its accent over the e makes clear, to the French, that this is not ice cream.  Glacé and glacée will indicate cold and frozen desserts and also cooked dishes that have a glaze.

Glacé and glacée on French menus:

Crème de Lentilles Glacée  -  A chilled cream of lentil soup.

Chilled cream with Marc of Gewurztraminer.
Crème glacée au Marc de Gewurztraminer
Compote Rouge Glacée -  A compote of red fruits, that will be berries and other red fruits, cooked and then allowed to cool and served cold and shining, probably from added sugar.
Gâteaux Glacée Cacao - A cake with a glazed chocolate icing.
French ice-coffee.

Parfait Glacé a l'Absinthe  - An absinthe based cream mousse.

Pavé de Veau en Croûte de Thyme et Citron, Carottes glacées – A scallop of veal cooked inside a coating of thyme and lemon and served with glazed carrots.
Pear sorbet, meringue glacée, chocolate-caramelized cinnamon cream.

Soufflé Glacé au Calvados  - A frozen souffle flavored with Calvados, the apple brandy.
Glacier - An ice-cream shop or ice-cream parlor.

Glaçon - An ice cube; glaçons is plural. (Glaçon is pronounced glason).

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