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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jambe d’Agneau in French Cuisine.The foreleg or lamb shank.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman
De-boned slices of roasted lamb shank.
Jambe d’Agneau -  A foreleg leg of lamb.  Also a cut from the leg, a cut across the bone.  Cuts across the leg, with the bone left in, may come from the front or rear legs. Larger cuts will be treated like lamb steaks or chops, and the smaller cuts; cuts from lower down the leg may be on the menu as another cut completely.  These cuts may also be made as an Osso Buco d'Agneau, a lamb Osso Buco.  While Osso Buco is traditionally made with veal, lamb does qualify even in Italy. (For the link to Osso Buco click here).

A lamb sandwich with the meat cut from a jambe d’agneau.
This lamb sandwich is served on toasted bread with lightly pickled red onion, watercress, and rosemary aioli.
Côtelettes de Jambe d'Agneau – Lamb steaks cut across the foreleg.
Jambe d'Agneau au Four  - A roast foreleg of lamb.

Jambe d'Agneau Braisé –  Braised foreleg of lamb.

Jambe d'Agneau Cuit à la Broche. 2 –  Lamb shank grilled on a spit. (For 2 persons).

Lamb shank.
Jambe Braisée Tendre d'Agneau avec de la Sauce à Vin Rouge et la Purée de Pommes de Terre - A braised tender cut from a foreleg of lamb, prepared with a red wine sauce, and accompanied by mashed potatoes.

Deboned lamb shank.
Ragoût de Jambe d'Agneau –  A ragoût d'Agneau,  a lamb stew. Usually, a hearty stew cooked with turnips, and or Swedes, carrots, beans, onions, carrots, and whatever else the chef decides to add. In a stew like this if the cut from the leg and includes, the bone it will improve the gravy, which will be enriched with red wine and herbs.  If you, like me, are interested in what goes in the pot, it may be worthwhile asking for more information.
Ragoût de Jambe d'Agneau

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