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Pelardon des Cévennes AOP - The Cheese Called Pelardon des Cévennes. Pelardon in French Cuisine.

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Pelardon des Cévennes AOP
Pelardon or Pelardon des Cévennes AOP
Pelardon des Cévennes is a 50% fat, goat’s milk cheese made with unpasteurized milk. When this cheese is first sold after 10 or 12 days of aging it is a very mild creamy cheese; then it will often be served warm with a salad; older cheeses are dryer and have a bite that the cognoscenti prefer.  These are tiny cheeses; a Pelardon cheese rarely weighs over 60 grams (2 ounces).  The cheese has an AOP that guarantees that whoever makes the cheese it is made in exactly the same way. Despite that there are differences in the taste among the different producers; the taste is affected by the grasses, plants, and chestnuts that the goats eat on particular farms.
Members of the production team.
The producers claim that their cheese has a two-thousand-year-old history that began when it was much demand in Rome and a cheese from the same area is documented by Pliny.  If today’s Pelardon is the same cheese that was ordered by Romans I do not know, but in the 18th century today’s cheese could be identified with the name Peraldou and that eventually became Pelardon. 
The Pelardon cheese.
The department of Lozère where Pelardon is produced is both beautiful and the place to go for visitors who want France without hordes of tourists.  Lozère also has less than 80,000 inhabitants; that's less than 15 people per square kilometer (6 people per square mile).   
The Cévennes is also home to other highly rated food products including the Oignon Doux des Cévennes AOP,  the sweet onion of the Cevennes, the Reinette du Vigan apples and the Belles de Bancels potatoes.
Pelardon des Cévennes on French menus: 
Médaillon de Veau, Sauce au Pélardon des Cévennes An oval or round escalope, a medallion, of veal served with a Pélardon des Cévennes cheese sauce.
Pélardon des Cévennes Grillé sur Lit de Roquette et Sorbet Yaourt au Lait de Brebis  - The Pélardon des Cévennes cheese grilled and served on a bed of rocket salad greens with a sorbet made of sheep’s milk yogurt.
A Pélardon des Cévennes tart fine.
The tart is made with a base of puff pastry with tomatoes, the Pélardon des Cévennes cheese, and the AOP sweet onions of the Cevennes.
Ravioles au Pélardon des Cévennes sur un Crémeux de Champignons au Bouillon de Poule Ravioli filled with Pélardon des Cévennes cheese accompanied by a creamy mushroom sauce prepared in a light chicken broth.
Salade du Jardin et son Aumônière de Pélardon Rôti au Miel des Cévennes  - A garden salad served with a pouch of Pélardon des Cévennes cheese roasted with honey from the Cevennes.
Salade Verte, Pélardon des Cévennes Chaud sur Pain de Campagne  - A green salad served with hot  Pélardon des Cévennes cheese on country bread.
Follow the sign to the village of
Sainte Croix Vallée Française
On the first Sunday in May, every year, the Fête du Pélardon welcomes visitors in the village of Sainte Croix Vallée Française.
Tarte Fine aux Oignons Doux des Cévennes et Pélardon Gratiné  - A tart made with a flat disk of puff pastry, and the sweet Cevennes AOP onions browned under the grill with the Pélardon des Cévennes cheese.
The cheese is made in and around the two tiny villages of Barre de Cévennes and Pompidou in the southeast of the department of Lozère in the region of Occitanie.  The fete celebrating the cheese is held in the nearby village of Sainte Croix Vallée Française.  (Occitanie is the new super region that was created on 1-1-2016 by combining the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and the Midi-Pyrénées).
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