Pintade - Guinea Fowl. Guinea Fowl in French Cuisine.

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Updated June 2019
Guinea fowl.
Photograph courtesy of David Berkowitz

Many French menus will include dishes dedicated to this tasty bird and so if you do not usually see Guinea fowl on a menu at home that is a good enough reason to try Guinea fowl in France. Guinea fowl have darker meat than chicken and a slightly stronger taste; more importantly, is the manner in which French chefs will prepare delicious recipes created for these birds.
Guinea fowl on French menus:
Cuisse de Pintade aux Girolles, Écrasée de Pomme de Terre  - The leg of a Guinea hen prepared with wild chanterelle mushrooms and served with hand mashed potatoes. (Mashed potatoes in French is puree de pommes de terre, écrase means crushed, and so écrasée de pomme de terre is hand-mashed potatoes).
The Guinea fowl look out.
Filet de Pintade Fermiére, Carottes Confîtes, Endives Braisées et Son Jus de Volaille –  A slice of farm-raised Guinea Hen breast served with its cooking juices and accompanied by a carrot confit (a jam) and braised endives.
Les Suprêmes de Pintade à la Crème de Lentilles et Estragon – Breast of guinea fowl served with a cream of lentil and tarragon sauce.
Warm Guinea fowl salad with croutons.
Suprême de Pintade aux Pleurotes, Gratin Dauphinois - Breast of guinea fowl cooked with oyster mushrooms and served with gratin dauphinois. Gratin dauphinois is sliced baked potatoes baked with olive oil and garlic and layered with cream and milk; some versions include onions. When ready, the dish will be covered with Parmesan or Gruyère cheese and lightly browned under the grill.
Gratin Dauphinois
The Guinea fowl on your menu are all farmed-raised. Wild Guinea fowl originated in West Africa and were already being raised in Europe in the 14th century. Then guinea fowl were called, in France, the Poulet d’Inde, which with a slight contraction is the name used for turkeys in French today.  How two birds received the same name while neither came from India is another story that I have included in a post on turkeys.
Roast Guinea hen.
A whole guinea fowl will weigh over 1 kilo, and a large guinea fowl may way 1.5 kilos.  Your restaurant’s menu listing will be offering breast of guinea fowl or another cut.  Grilled or roasted Guinea fowl is leaner and tastier than any supermarket chicken. That is a good reason to ask for it back home.
Pintadeaux - A young Guinea fowl.
Guinea fowl in the languages of France's neighbors:

(Catalan - pintades), (Dutch -  parelhoenders), (German  -  perlhühner), (Italian - galline di faraone, faraone), (Spanish – gallina de Guinea, pintada).

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