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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Daurade Rose or Pagre à Points Bleus - Bluespotted Seabream, the fish, on French Menus.

Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman

Bluespotted Seabream
The Bluespotted Seabream, Red Seabream or the Golden Porgy in the USA. This is a tasty fish with delicate, white, flaky meat. Large fish are usually baked as chefs prefer to cook this fish whole as it keeps in all the flavor and will be served as filets. Smaller fish will be on the menu fried, grilled or steamed. The fish is caught all around the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic near Portugal and the African coast.
The Bluespotted Seabream on French menus:

Daurade Rose Grillée aux Fenouil et Girolles – Grilled filet of bluespotted seabream served with fennel and wild chanterelle mushrooms.
Orange and fennel seabream.

Daurade Rose Rôtie aux Épices et Ragoût de Févettes – The bluespotted seabream roasted with spices and served with a stew of fava beans.

Filet de Daurade Rose Rôtie sur Peau, Beurre de Citron Vert – Filet of bluespotted seabream roasted in its skin and flavored with a lime butter.

Les Nems Crevettes et Daurade Rose, Sauce Chili Douce et Menthe Fraîche Egg rolls of shrimps and bluespotted seabream served with a sweet chili sauce accented with fresh mint.

Pagre Point Bleu, Grillé sur Peau Roquette Tombée et Radis Noir Pulpe de Citron – Bluespotted seabream grilled in its skin and served with cooked rocket and black radish flavored with lemon pulp. (Tombée means fallen in French, but when used for vegetables and fruits it means they have been cooked and significantly reduced in size. Black radishes are from the same family as red radishes but with an outside black skin that has a sharp bite. Fresh they will usually be served skinned. Here they will have been cooked like turnips together with the rocket).

Bluespotted seabream prepared with lemon and rosemary.
Tartare de Daurade Rose, Citron Vert et Gingembre - A fish Tartar made with the Bluespotted Seabream and flavored with lime and ginger.

The Daurade Rose is not to confused with the Dorade Royale, the Gilthead Sea Bream, that may also be on some menus with the name Daurade. The Bluespotted Seabream, the Daurade Rose is caught at sea while its cousin the Gilthead Seabream is mostly a farmed fish.

Bluespotted seabream in the languages of France’s neighbors:

(Catalan -  pagre reial),(Dutch - goud brasem), (German – blaufleckenbrasse), (Italian –   pagro reale maschiom), (Spanish – hurta, zapata).
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Behind the French Menu
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